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Top 6 Post Matric Scholarships in Rajasthan

Through its subsidiary departments, the Government of Rajasthan provides scholarships to meritorious, underprivileged, and deserving students of the state through various schemes of the Rajasthan Scholarship. The state governmental scholarship motivates students to seek higher education within the state, with nine universities, over 250 colleges, 55000 primary schools, and 7400 secondary schools. There are over 40 engineering colleges in the state. So, what post matric scholarships are provided by the Rajasthan government? Moreover, by which departments of the Rajasthan government are the scholarships distributed? And how can you apply for it? This blog will provide answers to all of the questions.

Top Post Matric Scholarships in Rajasthan

Rajiv Gandhi Scholarship for Academic Excellence

The Rajiv Gandhi Scholarship Scheme is a prestigious scholarship launched by the Government of Rajasthan under the College Education Department. The Scheme was launched in August 2021 to honor former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and to provide financial assistance to talented and innovative students of Rajasthan State. Eligibility Criteria • Candidate must be a Rajasthan Domicile • Must have cleared class 12th/Graduation/Post-Graduation from a recognized institute. • Maximum age eligible for the candidate is 35 years. • Must be planning to study abroad at one of the universities listed. • The annual income of the Candidate must be less than 8 Lacs. Rewards • Tuition fees - Full fee reimbursement • Visa, travel, and medical insurance premium cost - Full amount reimbursement. • Annual Maintenance and Contingency allowance - Up to 10 Lac rupees each. List of Universities under the Scheme • California Institute of Technology • Carnegie Mellon University • Columbia University • Cornell University • Duke University • Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne • ETH Zurich • Georgia Institute of Technology • Harvard University • Heidelberg University • Imperial College London • Johns Hopkins University • Karolinska Institute • King's College London • KU Leuven Belgium Paris Sciences et Lettres – PSL . Research University Paris • LMU Munich • London School of Economics & Political Science • Massachusetts Institute of Technology • McGill University • Nanyang Technological University, Singapore • National University of Singapore • New York University • Northwest University • Peking University • Princeton University • Stanford University • Technical University of Munich • The University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign • The University of Texas • The University of Tokyo • Tsinghua University • University College London • University of British Columbia • University of California, San Diego • University of California, Berkeley • University of California, Los Angeles • University of Cambridge • University of Chicago • University of Edinburgh • University of Hong Kong • University of Melbourne • University of Michigan-Ann Arbor • University of Oxford • University of Pennsylvania • University of Washington • University of Wisconsin – Madison • Washington University in St. Louis • Yale University

Kali Bai Bheel Medhavi Chhatra Scooty Yojana

The Scholarship Scheme is an initiative for Post Matric students by the Rajasthan government under the Department of College Education. This is basically to help the girl Child with a scooter so that the student can accommodate herself easily for education. In Rajasthan, the girl child is still not treated equally in many tribal regions; their education is limited to matric and even less. Statistics show that the dropout ratio after levels of education is higher for girls than boys. we know that the government is taking steps on a regular basis to level up these things in society, and the Scheme is a small part of the steps. The Rajasthan government successfully distributes 10,000 Scooty every year. Eligibility Criteria • Candidate must be a girl of Rajasthan Domicile • Must belong To SC/ST/Minority/EWS category • Must Score good marks in the last examination. Rewards • The selected Candidate is rewarded with a Scooty • And necessary accessories like helmet, 2 liters petrol, 5-year third party, car insurance, 1 Year General Insurance, Transportation expenses. • Or in some cases, like the 2EWS category - INR 40,000 is awarded. • The motorized tricycle will be provided to differently-abled girl students in place of scooty. Candidates can apply for the Scheme in the Month of July.

Post Matric Scholarship for EBC Students

Madhyamik Shiksha Bikaner, Rajasthan Council of School Education, initiated the given Scholarship. The objective of the Scheme was set up keeping in mind the students of classes 11th and 12th and providing them with financial assistance. Many students of the EBC category need to work along with studies after matric to meet high-cost of School and tuition fees. The Scheme provides financial assistance so students can focus on their studies. Eligibility Criteria • Candidate must be a Rajasthan Domicile • Must be studying in class 11th or 12th • Must have a minimum of 60% in the last examination. • The family income of the Candidate must be less than 2.5 lacs per annum • And must belong to the EBC category card. Rewards • Academic allowance of rupees 5000 per month for 10 months Candidates can apply for the Scheme before October.

Talented Boys Scholarship to First Class Tribal/Sahariya Students

The Tribal Area Development Department of the Rajasthan government started the Initiative. The department focuses on the overall development of the students, whether it is related to studies, health care, sports, basic necessity, etc. The Tribal Area Development department wants the students to grow the same as the students of good cities. They want the students to give tough competition to city students. They focus on talented students of the tribe and want to give a boost to the hard-working talented child so that he can do wonders. In this way other children also get motivated to work hard to get the scholarships. Eligibility Criteria • Candidate must be a Rajasthan Domicile. • Must be a regular student in a government school • Must have passed in the first division in the last examination. Rewards • INR 350 per month for ten months

Economic Help To Tribal Students For Higher Education

One more initiative by the Department of Tribal Area Development Under the Government of Rajasthan. The government's main focus is to help students with their higher education after class 12th from a government school. This post matric Scholarship by Rajasthan Government provides financial assistance for the tribal students of Rajasthan who want to pursue higher education in any technical or professional degree. Government majorly focuses on promoting education to weaker sections of society which is why these small steps are taken as a part of their overall objective. Eligibility Criteria • Candidates must belong to the tribal region of Rajasthan state. • The student must be a regular student in a private/government college. • The parent should not be an income taxpayer. Rewards • According to the Scheme, Rs. 5000 will be given to the tribal girl students through DBT in the bank account registered in their Janadhar card. An incentive amount will be made available (at the rate of Rs. 500 per month for 10 months). • According to the Scheme, a total of Rs 20,000/- will be given to Saharia students through DBT in their bank account registered on their Janadhar card. (Rs. 1000/- for stationery purchases, Rs. 2000/- for college fees, and Rs. 17000/- for monthly expenditure grant, house rent, food, etc.) are given. The said amount is given every year as soon as admission to the college is given financial assistance.

Incentive to Saharia Students For B.Ed.

Another incentive-based Scheme by the Department of Tribal Area Development under the Government of Rajasthan. This post matric Scholarship by the Rajasthan government's major focus is to provide financial assistance to the students of the Saharia region for B.Ed. Training. So that the Tribal students of the Saharia region keep up their participation in government services. Moreover, they can get good teachers from the same community who can easily be taught to the community's students. Eligibility Criteria • Candidate must be a Saharia class of Rajasthan State. • They must be regular government or private B.Ed training institute trainees. • His parents should not be a taxpayer • Candidates must have a Vaidya Bhamashah card and an Aadhaar card. Rewards • Saharia tribe students taking regular B.Ed training are given Rs.30,000 in the first year and Rs.30,000 in the second year. The amount is divided as INR 26000 for the books and college fees INR 2000 for clothes And INR 32000 for house rent and food.

To apply for these Post matric Scholarships by the Rajasthan government, log on to the Scholarship portal of the state government.


Scholarships are an essential part of the life of a financially weak student. Scholarships act as a helping hand for the student as well as for their parents. This helps to accomplish the dream of the whole student family. Here in the blog, we have covered six post matric Scholarships provided by the Government of Rajasthan through different departments for the deserving and needy people of Rajasthan state. Concluding the blog, to all the aspiring scholarship applicants reading this, believe in yourself and your capabilities. The road to success may be challenging, but with consistent hard work and dedication, you can achieve what you set your mind on. We wish you all the very best for your bright future.